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Catalog Number 2016.02.0026
Object Name Letter
Date 1828
Title 1828 Jan 13 and July 26 Margaretta Brown to "Sir"
Scope & Content Letter from Margaretta Mason Brown (Frankfort, KY) to "Sir" It appears that this letter was not sent. It looks to have been a draft or a copy of a letter she did send to someone in the American Sunday School Union. The first 2 pages are dated in January, the 3rd page in July. A note on page 4, reads: Jan'y and July 1828. Margaretta was writing as her role as Superintendent of the Frankfort Sunday School and the letter contains information about the number of attendees in the sunday school, books being purchased and a magazine subscription among other things.


Frankfort 13th Jan 1828


I transmit to you by Mr. Parker, the sum of $20 of which $17 for the purchase of books & 3 for the purpose of waiting [?] our school to the ASS Union. As our school is not under the immediate pastoral care of any Clergyman, but is altogether conducted by females, it is deficient in many of those formalities which are observed by schools which comprise greater numbers and include both sexes. The officers of the Frankfort Female S School consist of a Superintendent, and eight Teachers. The Superintendent performing the duties of Secretary and Treasurer. The Super & two of the teachers are professors of religion. The others though seriously inclined, have not yet declared themselves publickly on the Lords side - Two of the Scholars, one ten, and the other twelve years of age have united themselves, one to the Presbyterian & the other to the Methodist Church. The school consists at present of 64 girls. A number of boys attended during the summer but have withdrawn for the winter season. They are forever independent on the female school. During the year ending in September 1827-39, 8, 59 verses were memorized, including Scripture, hymns, an Catechism, and 12,015 verses have been memorized during the first quarter of the present year. I attribute the increased industry and accuracy of the children to the introduction of tickets-The scholars are remarkably orderly. Nor a single instance of insubordination has occurred since The commencement of the school: the Supt scarcely ever finding it necessary to add reproof to admonition.
The Superintendent resides at Frankfort in Franklin County Ky - and wishes the Sunday School magazine to be sent by Mail to her address

[Page 2]

provided it is distributed gratuitously to the school as well as to individual members of the Union.
I received August last six or seven members of eight sets of Youths Friends, as the complete sets were paid for, I hope to receive the remainders with the books ordered, and one member for the year 1828 to be still sent by Mail. If it would not be too much trouble, I would be glad to know at what price I could be furnished (annually) with eight or nine sets of the Youth Friend, bound in half volumes or in plain binding. As there will be a small surplus of money I wish to receive the amount in miscellaneous books whose titles I have mentioned, and any other new books with which I am unacquainted. Should the sum be in sufficient for this purpose, they can either be substituted in the place of some of those ordered or placed to our account against the next demand.
The fifth Catalogue is the latest which I have seen - If a later edition has been issued please do send me one & also the Annual report for the last year. It gives me pain to find, that orders on so small a scale are accompanied by so many troublesome directions: do me the justice to believe that I am compelled to be thus guarded, by the lender and precarious nature of our funds and accept the expression of this necessity as the only apology I can offer.

Respectfully yours
Margaretta Brown
Superintendent F.F.S.S.

[Page 3]

26th July 1828

I transmit to you by the hand of Mr. [blank space] the sum of $15-13 ½ of which is for the purchase of books, 1-50 for my subscription to the S.S.M. which I receive regularly. I should have transmitted a larger sum, but not having received [illegible] cat. I wished to receive my funds for some [illegible] - I have received only one number of the Quar. and none of the Youth's friends by mail for the last two months - From a rough estimate which I made, I suppose the books ordered will amount to about $12 - The remaining $1-50 and the discount you will please to extend is [illegible] new books or have lately appeared, not exceeding 15 Cents, only in a work of extraordinary merit -
I rejoice to announce to you that a glorious work of grace has commenced in this Town. Since the 11th July forty some members have been added to the Presbyterian Church in this place under the pastoral care of the Revd J.T.E. There is also considerable excitement in the Method - and Bap - churches Within the last three months, three of our S.S. Teachers have possibly devoted themselves to the Lord, and many of the scholars are anxiously seeking the salvation of themselves - Amongst these lately added to the church are many who were formerly Teachers and Scholars -

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Jany + July 1828
People Margaretta Mason Brown
John T. Edgar
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