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Name Euphemia Helen Brown II
Born 1831
Deceased 1891
Notes Euphemia was the first child of Orlando Brown and Mary Watts Brown. When she was an infant she was dangerously ill with scarlet fever. The illness was the probable cause of mental deficiency, Euphemia made no effort to talk until 1834. Margaretta said she was "very backward in her speech." As a child she called herself "Peemie."

She was sent to live with a minister in Cincinnati and then to St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Covington, KY. Sadly, she spent over half of her life institutionalized. She died of pneumonia at a Covington hospital intended for orphans, the poor, the elderly, and those with nowhere else to turn.

Associated Records

Image of 2016.02.0052 - Letter

2016.02.0052 - Letter

Letter from John Brown (Frankfort, KY) to his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Watts Brown (Nashville, TN). Brown discusses the birth and progress of his grandson, John Preston Brown (1834-1835), the son of Orlando Brown and Mary Watts Brown. Orlando and Mary are living at Liberty Hall in a downstairs bedroom. (Their home, the Orlando Brown House was not built until 1835). Brown discusses Euphemia, Orlando and Mary's daughter, as having "improved in appearance and intelligence," and as being "a great talker" although he notes that her speech is odd. Brown reports on a drought, bad crops, and the health of Elizabeth's slaves. Brown asks about Elizabeth's son John Preston Watts Brown and his prospects

Image of 2016.02.0023 - Letter

2016.02.0023 - Letter

Letter from Margaretta Mason Brown (New York, NY) to Orlando Brown (Frankfort, KY). Margaretta, along with her husband John and slave Mary are visiting family in New York. Margaretta discusses purchasing items for Orlando's new home. She writes about purchasing a piano for Mary Watts (Orlando's wife) and going to a wallpaper factory. She also discusses furniture in general and describes a new and fashionable furniture style. She mentions John Goodman pianos (a piano maker in Frankfort) and the elegance of his designs. The style she remarks upon is Empire-style which Margaretta clearly dislikes. It can be inferred that she prefers Federal-style furniture. Margaretta also mentions Mary

Image of 2016.02.0051 - Letter

2016.02.0051 - Letter

Letter from John Brown (Frankfort, KY) to his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Watts Brown (Nashville, TN). Brown delivers the news that Mary Watts Brown has had a baby boy (named John Preston Brown). Mary is the daughter of Elizabeth and the daughter-in-law and niece of John Brown. He also mentions Euphemia, the first child of Orlando and Mary Watts Brown, and remarks that her apperance is better but that she makes no effort to talk. Brown also mentions his anxiety concerning Elizabeth's son, John Preston Brown's education. [Transcription] Frankfort 12th May 1834 Dear Sister, It is with very great pleasure that I take up my pen to inform you that our Dear Mary this morning presented us